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MVP50P install into an Amphib Skywagon


The MVP-50 allows pilots to accurately monitor dozens of engine and system parameters, program red line limits, setup custom inputs, create interactive check lists, store general flight information, build flight plans, record and review pertinent data from every flight, and so much more. The MVP has been designed with the same thoughtful engineering that goes into every EI product, so even though the MVP-50P is by far the most powerful system in the industry, it is sure to be one of the easiest systems to use in your cockpit.



What you need to know about the MVP50:

   STC’d and TSO’d  

     Flush Mount  

     5.55″ x 5.15″

    15 Screens

   Over 50 Functions





Customer Testimonial  

“Thank you for the great service and installation of my new engine monitor,  I had many questions about which monitor to choose, and Frank was very knowledgeable and patient with helping decide on the right one.  Canwest Aerospace was an easy and stress free way to get the cockpit upgrades I was looking for.  I would highly recommend Frank and Canwest to anyone looking for the same positive experience.”  

– Mike Warner, C-GGJM