Smart Upgrade. Smarter Investment 

 Key Features 

  • Back up attitude indicator not required 
  • Consolidates traditional attitude indicator and horizontal situation indicator (HSI) into a single display 
  • Autopilot integration Interfaces with the new cost effective digital autopilots and is compatible with most legacy autopilots 
  • Includes Global Positioning System Steering (GPSS), air data computer and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) 
  • Certified for both IFR and VFR equipped aircraft 
  • Large, 6.0″ diagonal, 400 x 760 pixel TFT Active Matrix LCD screen with bolder and brighter resolution 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion backup battery with up to two hours of battery life 
  • Works with your panel’s existing avionics 
  • Unique, industry changing form-fit design that slides easily into existing panel cutouts 
  • Provides a path for removal of vacuum instruments* 

Evolution E5 Software upgrades: 

  • Optional True Air Speed, Outside Air Temperature, wind direction and speed, and GPS WAAS annunciations 
  • Easily transition to fully TSO’d Evolution 1000 Pro MAX 
  • In most circumstances. Actual vacuum instrument removal will vary by aircraft. 

Always Configurable. Always Affordable. Always Upgradeable.


Aspen products are designed to be a long-term solution by giving you the ability to keep pace with new innovations. Our versatile Evolution displays allow features to be easily configured to your aircraft and systems optimized to your specific flight needs, with the opportunity to add additional options and capability at your convenience without replacing the entire avionics suite.