Sheet Metal & Composites

Comprehensive sheet metal and metal fabrication and composite repair services, delivered to precise OEM specifications are available either at CanWest’s Langley British Columbia facility or at customer location, anywhere in the world.


Our qualified and experienced team provides a wide range of fabrication and repair services including:

  • Reconstruction of Panels
  • Doors and Cowlings
  • Airstair Doors
  • Windows
  • Platforms
  • Elevators
  • Intake Plenums
  • Fire-walls
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers


With years of hands-on technical experience working on a wide range of aircraft types and models, our technical team will perform a variety of services customized to meet your specific requirements, including basic to depth level modifications and repairs to sheet metal and composite structural components, skins and panels.

We take pride in delivering an end product that fits to exacting OEM tolerances and specifications.

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